Righting Writing

Just a quick quencher.

I created an account here on blogger a couple of days ago. I know of an awesome guy who has his account here too: Jon Benedik Bunquin, but I didn’t follow him immediately, after having created the bird of lemniscus, because I was too shy (Hahaha, I sound like a child, but really!). The feeling of being flattered beyond what is possible welled up in me after seeing him as my first ever follower. The deal is, he’s kind of like my idol (wait, I dislike that term). He crafts words magnificently that I couldn’t help but admire.

Jumping from an Isko to an Atenista, I stumbled upon a blog belonging to a woman named Isa Garcia. Her blog is a sunny heaven of inspiration. As I’ve mentioned in my tumblr, she set me afire.

These two people fuel the fire of words in me.

Sometimes, I find myself wandering, soaked in the possibilities of shifting into Creative Writing. It’s very risky to venture into what I want from what I have. I think it is also my fault for fastening my future into the single path of being a dentist. I haven’t been open.

This blog is a product of my fleeing from this dilemma. For now, I’m hoping time and enlightenment would connive (hello, my brother‘s olden words) and allow me to seek the path where I would be of more use to the world than to my own self.

Post Scripts:

  • I love using the word “fire”. Perhaps because it is the closest picture of what is within me right now.
  • This blog does not seem quick at all.

(Note: This post was written and posted originally on Blogger.)


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