A Little Woman’s Woe

Today, I’ve enrolled in UP for the second time. It’s really a good thing that over my first first sem (yes, I call it that way since it’s the beginning of it all), I’ve gotten used to the fact that I am indeed a Scholar of the Nation. Okay, enough bragging. Bragging rights make me dizzy.

I’m on my way to my first second sem (closer to graduation!) and I’m practically all lazed up to be ready for those figures I’d be encountering.

Great, let’s do the math 5 times:

  • Math 1: Why, oh why do we even have to undergo this torment? Although people claim it is relatively easier compared to Math 11. Still!
  • Chem 14: Introduction to Chemistry, I think. Polymers and Lewis Structures and Electron Configurations? They sound very encouraging (*groans internally*).
  • Physics 21: Uh, Introduction to Physics? Basically, my physics background is amazingly unamazing. The concepts are pretty interesting, though (no, I am NOT turning my back on you, fellow nonmathematicians!).
  • Chem 14.1: The .1 signifies Laboratory. I don’t even know which should be poured first: Water or Acid? Enough said.
  • Physics 21.1: Wait, my physics lab experience in high school meant lecture. Perfect.

P.S. I’m also taking up Nat Sci II, a Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (DPSM) subject, which breaks down into Biology and Geology. By the very name of the department, doing the math is apparent. (Edit: There was no math. 

Enough math dilemmas. The whole point of this blog entry is that I have plans on shifting. And not just intracampus (within the campus), or whatever it is called.

I think I am really going to pursue a writing course in UP Diliman.

Personally, I think my writing is essentially plain. I have good metaphors in my arsenal sometimes, but no great ones (“Good is the enemy of great.”). I don’t do literature much, except for reading excessively. My grammar is flawed, more often than not.

And I’m too frightened by the idea of taking that admission exam.

Yet, I can feel an invisible force pulling me towards the Diliman campus. Aside from the fact that I really do want to be with the AOMistas there (I’m being honest! Haha.), I really do want to write. And if I don’t have the guts (special thanks to Glee 1.03, for showcasing those guts- and confidence-related plaguing issues) to pursue what I really want, then I don’t deserve it.

“One who cannot fight for happiness, pursue happiness, does not deserve it.”—Jose Villacarlos

I want to help people, to make a difference by doing what I am glad to do, not what I have been told to do. Maybe that’s being choosy, but “the only life worth living is the one you’re really passionate about” as Emma Pillsbury said in Glee.

I may not be good in writing right now, but I desire it. Will that ever be enough?


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