A Sign

I found a blog I’ve made when I was in junior high. It’s about my family: Amazing Grace 0809 (which turned into Assumption of Mary 0910 the next academic year). I was amazed at how I actually composed an acrostic. Well, I know, it’s easy, but it just feels like a sign to me. Like I’m really supposed to take the path I’m determined to take right now. It’s as if I’m being reassured that I’m not lost, even though I think I am.

“The present is the key to the past.”

I’ve always thought I have no past in writing. No memories to look back to. It seemed to be an abrupt seed that has been immediately seized by the desire to grow and prosper. But it is not, and I am happy about that. I’ve been in it without noticing that I was.

This is the sign I’ve uncovered:

OF COURSE, farewells are sad.
Leaving Amazing Grace is utterly sad.
It hurts to look back, everything only seemed like yesterday when I became part of AG.

My AG story 🙂
A magical day – first day of school, I saw my name on the list of AG.
My heart was thudding gladly inside my chest but my mind was in agony.
Away from my sophomore friends? Could I survive inside the star section?
Zeal wound around my body but I didn’t feel eager to take the first step that would take me to the section situated on the farthest side of the thirdyear building.
Impossible as it may seem, I still went, my feet dragging me because I was already late.
Nice, I was indeed late, I took a seat beside a girl whom, of course, I didn’t know yet.
Great, I could feel the pressure now, star section…

Go Sjerlive! I thought I wouldn’t be able to enter the honor’s list that fateful first quarter.
Race to the top, everything was hard. Studies, extra-curricular activities, teamwork was in demand.
Amidst everything, AG stayed solid as a rock.
Cheerdance, Sing-a-Poem, Sabayang Pagbigkas, we fought as one.
Esprit d’ cor! AG taught me a lot of things I would always cherish every single day of my life.

iLOVEyou AG people! 🙂
still, you gave such happy memories I would keep until the end.
Until my heart stops beating.
this is my story. 😀

AMAZiNG GRACE 08-09 will stay in my heart, always and forever.


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