Battling Monotony

A child delighted by his newfound love:

Corners of the world witnessed his beautiful obsession, an obsession fascinating in so many ways that severing him from it was unimaginable. He wore his heart on his sleeve, as he matured into an inexplicable man. Love and Fate succumbed to him, but he never took them for granted. Love was his, and to that one woman, he was the epitome of love.

But as time elapsed, he grew complacent, expecting love to work for him instead of him working for love. Perhaps he was tired. And as weary as he grew, as aged as that newfound love became, her feelings were eventually ruptured by wrinkles of pain.

Is waiting for something new as hard as expecting fireworks to streak across the monotonous sky in the middle of a rainy day?

Enlightenment, make haste, for someone awaits you.


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