Day 5: This is Not About The Cigarette

This is all of spontaneity.

I’ve been Soul Searching for days now, and I still feel like a thread that is unable to enter that tiny hole in a needle. But all the way, there’s this patient, gentle hand that’s been guiding me towards it. The owner of this hand has never been swayed by the arduousness of the task, has never been discouraged by the trials that await him.

The owner is Roi Pangyarihan.

Although my blog is already a myriad of mentioning the same person, it is still a pleasure for me to write about him. (If you have no idea who he is, he’s practically the Patrick to my Spongebob. Please understand.)

To the many times I’ve walked away from hope, he was there whenever I turned around. He was there for me even when I myself wasn’t.

He always is.

And I admire how brilliant and different he is from the rest. Yet, it’s not just that. There’s this unspoken courage that’s wrapped around him like an Invisibility Cloak, an aura of determination that one cannot help but also wear.

He has taught me a lot of things in life, even more so than I’ve ever learned in school (i.e. he is my Math tutor), and one of them is hope. I learned that people hope whenever there is an opportunity, and that it is not bad to do so. For with hope, we are able to look forward, to our dreams and to the future.

But most especially, with hope, we are able to live.

And as much as my blog is a myriad of mentions, it is also a myriad of perpetual gratitude.

Thank you for snatching me back into the road of life, whenever I fall into the gutter of disaster.

To quote Christopher Snow, the hero of the book Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz:

One thing I love about people is their ability to be lifted so high by the smallest drafts of hope.


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