I am tired.

I have barely been home (which means I’ve barely overslept, over-surfed, over-lazed about), and in a few hours, I will be going back to Manila already.

Can you blame me for kind of hating it?

I feel like instead of gravitational and normal forces working on me, pressure is the only one doing the job. And I really feel so freaked out, yet somehow still sane enough to face another week in UPM.

What’s eating me up? Being a leader, a researcher, a student, a prospective shiftee.

But I think I understand.

Gameface on.

Did the typography here: Scribbler. It’s so captivating I want to go crazy. Haha. (I learned about it from this awesome space. As you can see, I have a few on the sidebar.) I scribbled that sentence because it’s been on loop in my head for more than half of the day now.

I remember Rus writing that on my little red notebook back in senior high. (Sigh, the beautiful days with AOM.)

P.S. I already miss home, even though I’m still here. Let’s do this, Little Woman.


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