"I Can Be Fun," Said A Problem

Have you ever hated something so much? So much that the hate literally siphoned every bit of motivation left in your system and replaced it with a loathing so powerful, you actually thought you can destroy the universe with it?

I haven’t. Well, almost. I used to despise UP Manila’s Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (DPSM) with a blind prejudice that rendered me incapable of witnessing how awesome the said department actually is.

Yes, you read that right. Despite being at war with Math my whole life, I have actually fallen in love with DPSM, fallen straight into the pits of mathematical inferno and am enjoying it. Behind the cover of this unbelievable fact: my professors have won my heart out. (Chem14, Chem14.1 and NatSci2 among others…)

To skip my annoying introduction that’s only being placed here for the sake of making this entry longer, this week is DPSM Week in UP Manila.

Aside from being a little bit too much excited with the Digi-Pelikula Sa Manila(VOLES: My Chem14 prof’s the star, WHAT IS NOT TO WATCH), I was also swept off my heels with the awesome booths. Alright, they weren’t much, but hey, they were too fun.

I tried my luck with the slot machine (a program created by the ComSci students, how great is that?) with DPSM professors as the uhh, to-be-matched whatsits, and ended up being asked what my name is for I just had the longest streak (not anymore now, I suppose, BUT STILL!).

And then there was this booth about the Golden Ratio, where a dude was saying that having proportions close to this ratio is equivalent to beauty. (I didn’t have my face measured. Guess why. Haha.)
Author’s Note: The dude is a Math professor. 

(c) Fadi J.

Plus, the Balance the Can booth! I was actually scared to try it, mainly because I was already swimming in an ocean of pessimism. Nonetheless, ErisKamille and I still tried it.

Magically, I was able to do it (and so did Eris and Kamille)! A feat, my dear friend, a feat!

“Come on, baby! Let’s do the twist!”

I got this for a prize. (Who wouldn’t love a week like this?)

(By the effing way, please pretend not to notice the revolting eye bags.)

Then, in RH 115, where it was so darn cold, our NatSci2 Geol prof lectured briefly about fluorescence (which I instantly forgot as soon as she finished). Aaaaaaand for the most loved booth of all: Photobooth!

Face it, who doesn’t love Photobooths, especially when they’re for free?

But the twist was, there were no printing stuff. Just the lights out, a DSLR, and your light.


It’s kind of like this, except that this has no art at all because I did it, and yeah:

Taken with a working Polaroid digicam

But the fun ended, and we were off to our non-DPSM classes.

Yet, yet, yet, today was really, really fun. Really. Fun.

P.S. I’ll post the light graffiti we did, once I find it in DPSM’s fanpage on Facebook. Also, I still have two exams this week to ace (both inflicted by DPSM, but it’s alright, hah!) and a paper to write. So, this concludes my bragging of how awesome UP Manila (sometimes) is.


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