When The End Comes Near


Is it March 1 already?


That’s what I thought of as I began the first day of March, with dried eyes and cramming senses, that is.

And since it is already March, I’ve been seeing a lot of I’ll-be-so-happy-once-this-semester-ends kind of expectation on social media. Not to spoil the excitement though but, I shall be sad once this semester ends.

Alright, that deserves a #WEH for a hash tag, yes, I understand. It’s just that I’ve fallen in love with UP Manila. Sad, right? How I’ve fallen in love with the campus, but not with my course? And how could I, when the only ideas I have about Dentistry are from our family dentist and from eavesdropping (on upperclassmen conversations)?

But I should stop talking my way in and out of this. (I haven’t fully decided yet, but it’s MARCH ALREADY!)

To alleviate the weird sadness I feel whenever the end is brought up to the spotlight, I’ll be rambling about why I don’t want to end this semester just yet.

  • BLOCK 15 is awesome; As a family that of the kind which binds. Although Dentistry is not actually a future for all of us but a mere ticket to UP (sadly, this course is more often than not treated as one), it is still the thing that has brought us together; the intersection that has caused our lives to tangle up with one another. I am looking forward to a lifetime with them.
  • The Statue of Liberty – in the University of the Philippines; This may sound like I’m talking about Oble, but it’s actually about the freedom that I have somewhat gained when I entered college. All my life, I have been aching for freedom – alone times with myself: a coffee&doughnut treat for myself at Krispy Kreme, an endless meeting with my soul at Powerbooks, a walk with me along the dingy streets of Manila. It is beautiful to be alone, sometimes.
  • The Other Home Called ‘Dorm’; I wasn’t used to living away from home. You know homesickness? It’s a royal pain in the ass, talking about how nothing is ever as comfortable as home. But with my dorm mates backing me up, I kicked its butt with fantastic movie dates, sneaked sleepovers, infinite coffee dates and beautiful laughter.
  • Because UPM Professors can drive you to hell and back; So far, I haven’t met any unreasonable professor. Only a couple of weird ones, a lot of awesome ones, a PETA member, a charming one… But I’m supposed to be thinking about the requirements I’m supposed to submit in order to pass, okay.
  • GAB Cats; There’s this one beautiful cat I adore. Black slits with bluish gray regions surrounding them, young and the way it gazes: child-like expectancy. And there’s this cat I named “Damba”, because it’s normally found sleeping on the bench we are supposed to be sitting on or leaping to tables to share with your lunch.

I don’t even know how to end this.


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