Farewells & Hatches

I am finally at home.

Last year, I was looking for a home; a nest where my thought eggs could hatch into stories and opinions. The choice was between Blogger and WordPress. And, WordPress was winning by a wide margin, mainly because the blogs I was reading were the can-you-please-wipe-my-drool kind of awesome.

So WordPress, it was. But horror struck me. What on earth is this database thing? Webhost? What the hell? 5-minute installation process–more like 5 hours if you asked me. I didn’t even climb the tree towards my very much-wanted nest.

Stumped, I went to Blogger, put on my virtual socks and kept myself warm by its hospitality. And everything was really fine, really. Blogger and I were getting along very well.

But deep down in my heart, I knew I yearned for something else.

At the eve of April Fools (not very timely at all, but I appreciate the date), I opened my WordPress folder once again and stared at the contents for a few seconds, then I gave a determined grumble and Googled WordPress.

Hundreds of clicking and furious typing later, I realized that my determination was preposterous and that, Sjerlive, you better darn stop.

Good thing I was talking to Hazel, who mentioned she blogs here. After a few exchanges, I figured out that I should check the other results when I Google WordPress–and then and there, I found the free blog thing. I never felt both dumped and happy at the same time in my life.

In haste, I packed my bags from Blogger, caught a chance ride and settled momentously here. Well, not really settled because I still have to figure out how on earth everything here works.

But cheers, m’dears, I am home.

To Blogger,

I guess you now have witnessed how fickle-minded I can be. But truly, the time I spent with you was never wasted.

You are a great precursor. But I couldn’t stay.

Thank you for bearing with all my sap and crap.

Happy April Fools’, everyone! So to share, my First of April is happening this way:

  • Having Dad back home and his plans on my Mezzanine Project*
  • A tedious, getting-to-know-you phase with WordPress
  • A Postcard from the people of Anawim Lay Missions Foundation (which I have never reached yet, but I still got this postcard because of my best friend; God bless these people!) P.S. I love how UP still uses snail mail!

    One of life’s greatest feelings: Receiving a postcard out of the blue
  • Realizing how preposterous it was of me to believe Abiel’s @-mention on twitter:

I can’t wait to hatch more thought eggs here!

Note to self: Aligning documents properly when scanning is not a bad thing.


*Mezzanine Project: more information to come soon! I’m still figuring it out in my head.


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