Although I have not been close to this person, his quiet presence has always pulsated despite the chaos of our block. He was the subtlest of the five guys of 15 (the name of our block), but without him, our men were very much incomplete. And they are very much  that way right now; so are we.

It drives us entirely sad that we were not able to be by your side; we are sorry that we haven’t been thorough companions.

But I am not going to regret saying this now, of all times: we will always be here for you, wherever you soar to now. With quenched fires in our hearts, we bid you goodbye; and, with the deepest hope our beings could unearth, we believe that you shall be happy there.

Reunion with the block someday! We will see you, Kerby Salengua.

“Blockmates, we maybe from different religious denominations, but tonight, I hope that we will all join in prayer for Kerby’s soul… Let’s all be Kerby’s angels. :)” – Eris Navarro

With unceasing love,
Block 15 batch 2016

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