Good Riddance

It was the summer of 2011.

It still is.

Apparently, mine is mostly spent on train, traveling to and from UP Manila. (See: How I Met Your Mother 4×03: I Heart NJ; Ted mentions living on a train.) It’s the kind of life wherein you socialize with laboratory manuals and lecture modules. It’s not a happy one.

And it is also tinged with sadness at the abrupt loss of a block mate. The hardest goodbye is the one you never saw coming.

But through it all, I figured this summer has strengthened me a lot in more ways than one. But that is another story. This one is about the little ray of sunshine that pierced through the dullness: this thing about Friendster.

Everyone has that something they would gladly have the earth open up to swallow it whole, that something they regret being in existence. Mine is my Friendster accounts (but more on the first).

It was created when I moved into Metro Manila, circa 2006. It was also my first year in high school. Thus it was a year for a whole heck of firsts. Experiencing internet connection at home via dial-ups (the type where you’d purchase prepaid cards; ours were Bl@st), I was an internet slave, for the lack of a better/worse word.

In the course of social media explosion, I had two Friendster accounts. The first one spilled with photos of me, myself and I (HELLO VANITY!). It was created when I was a freshwoman. One fine day, it just happened that I couldn’t open it. So I had to create a new one, which has persisted up to this very day.

Back then, before Jejemon has garnered its name, it was already making waves across social media, specifically Friendster. It was viral; and being in a crowd that practiced that way of typing, I was one of them.

(Another thing: the way I posed in my pictures is well, kind of revolting and sort of cute, but all in all detestable.)

I am not very proud of having typed lyK tHiSzx, because it is plainly a violation of words. It’s like allowing students to live with the principle “wrong spelling right” during quizzes. I’m saying this now because it matters a lot to me that words are given the justice that they deserve. Without them, we can never be the rational beings that we are now.

Also, why even waste extra energy in typing those additional letters/numbers? It just boggles my mind how I actually wasted ATPs just to be in. Sucks to be in the In Crowd, sometimes.

I have nothing against people who type in Jejenese. Perhaps they are seeing art in it, or maybe the camaraderie of belonging to a group. And I am not taking that away from them.

Here’s an example from my late-jejemon era:

haha. =p
gwa q to.
pnagmLaki p eh nu..
pwo aq pang-5th n ngcomment. ayan ee. =p
LaLabya guyss. ^^v
``so now we're here.. from Amazing Grace!
go jingLers!
**shiva! haha. tc guys.


Here, I can see that the goal is to shorten the time it would take to type words. But the signature “q” instead of “ko” is still present.

Maybe I’ve come to dislike this part in my life mostly because I think I have grown up to be a 16 year old who loves words and appreciates them when they’re whole. But come to think of it, after typing all of this (which I first thought would be a message to the Less Grown Up Me, how I hated her ways and how she’s the most shameful thing in the pages of my history), the shame of the past has now transformed into a tough milestone that has led to the present.

Being a Jejemon has taught me to appreciate the flexibility of language, and ultimately, how beautiful it is in its purest form.

Still, it only saddens me a little that Friendster shall be deleting the contents of my rotting account. In the end, it is simply good riddance.

I can’t believe how I was very much the picture-then-post kind of vain then.
Freshman Year: Look at Brain’s (the only guy in the picture) Shirt! Hahaha.
Sophomore Year: I miss these women. © Kate Claudine Guevarra (I miss you, sis!)
Junior Year: “It’s better to die in Amazing Grace than to live in another place.” – Rus Janry San Diego
Circa 2007, when we were both just kids.

P.S., If you’re wondering why there is no Senior Year picture, it is because I have migrated to Facebook during the said year.


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