I Sea You

Life came from the seas.

And when life migrated to land, the seas never ceased flowing, lapping without exhaustion upon shores all over the world.

Deep within the billowing of these waves thrive organisms of an astonishing biodiversity. We land beings do not usually see them, but that does not mean we can just neglect their wreckage.

How on planet earth have we become the very agents of sea destruction?

This is of utmost importance. We are an archipelago. If we destroy the oceans around us, we are doomed. Nothing can save us.

 Jim Paredes

Let’s do our part and help save our seas.

Help while there is still something to save: Save The Philippine Seas

The pictures featured here are of Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte, the beach that I grew up with. It would be wonderful if my future children would still be able to bask in its brine and walk the fine sands upon its shore.
Preserve the seas and present the future with the beauty of the past.

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