Miles of Her Smiles

There are people in life who appear to be made up of smiles, people who, despite the harshness of reality, never forget to wear happiness. One of those people is Marie Car Reyes, more distinguished as MC to the world, but to me, she has always been The Woman Curved with Smiles, smiles of the kind which never leave your mind, even if her memory has been faded by the distance of time and of place.

This woman has been paving miles of smiles since 1993.

I’ve seen her at her lows, and it felt like the world just tipped, pulling her smiles into unjustified frowns. But you know what the great thing about this woman is? She pulls herself through. She has shared with me some epochs in her life: times of loss, of love, of friendship, of joy. And I know for a fact that she has lost so many people in her life already – people whom she valued deeply, whom she gave her heart to in the hopes of them taking good care of it. She wasn’t always successful; her heart came back to her, more often than not, tattered and worn out. Exhausted from loving and fighting and losing.

But MC knows that she is strong enough to conquer all the sadness and misery that life throws her way. She’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever known in my life, and I’ll always admire her for that. For being larger than life and all of its crazies, for being a woman who heaves herself up even when everything is bringing her down. For being a force of love in this world of war.

Cheers to this child’s womanhood! © MC Reyes

Stay strong and wonderful and amazing, beautiful one.

And, happy eighteenth birthday to you! ❤


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