A Wake Up Call: Challenge Accepted

You could do better.

Don’t settle immediately; never be satisfied by the merest huff of effort.

Even if a pile of hell weeks is hovering above your head like an axe ready to surrender itself to gravity, you could do better. Even if you’re only doing something because you really have to do it, you could do better. Even if you think you’re better than others, why, you should do better!

And think otherwise. Never, ever think you’re better than others. Because one of these days, life is going to slap you on the face and it’s going to hurt silly. Always think of yourself as a working progress. When you think you’re at the summit already, your head grows so big that you will topple over, and, believe me, the next thing you’ll realize is that you’re hurling down the mountain, a human boulder.

You are your real enemy. So get your butt off your way, and do it. Do it well! Always think that you could do better. Oh, wait. Always do because you could do better. (If I were you, I’d stop thinking so much because thinking is quite a treacherous thing.)

P.S. This is easier said than done. But to that, we should all say: Challenge accepted.

I hope this blog entry spurs me to do better, always. My Grandfather tells me: “Good is the enemy of great.” I’ve had 17 years of settling for good. Because it’s safe; it’s easier to achieve than that big, scary word “great”. But being in a University where great is the norm (not bragging, really; there’s really just no other term for it, or if there is, do tell me), I get scared, a lot, that I’m not enough. Well, now, screw that. I’m a one girl revolution.

And I’ll be everything that I wanna be
I am confidence and insecurity
I am a voice yet waiting to be heard
I’ll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world

And I’m a one girl revolution

One Girl Revolution by Superchick


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