Trompe l’oeil

Isn’t it ironic how people express the truth by using its exact opposite? Either by lying, or by joking about it? By making it sound like it’s not serious stuff, like it doesn’t matter much? There’s no wonder as to why people often murmur to themselves, “Jokes are half-meant.” There’s a ring of truth, however faint the sound.

Why so? Why are we so afraid of just putting it out there? Why are we so afraid of telling the truth? Maybe because instead of making life easier, it complicates things. Maybe because saying the truth equates to vulnerability, and being vulnerable doesn’t fit in with this unyielding, practical world of ours. Maybe because it can hurt people, strangers and acquaintances alike.

There is beauty in uncertainty.

Perhaps it is this fascination with the uncertain that keeps us from letting the truth go. That life would bear no challenge to us if the truth were to be presented so easily, without hesitation. That we would no longer be intrigued, merely informed to the tiniest detail. That pursuing enigmas would be pointless because we’ll know eventually if we wait long enough.

The bottom line is that truth is truth, no matter how you handle it. They may not know, but you do, deep in that beating heart, right there in the impulses of your brain.

You might as well take a shot with the truth. As the saying goes: “The truth will set you free.” It just might.

Oh, and Happy April Fool’s Day.

Trompe l’oeil is French for “fool the eye”.

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