Beep Beep Beep

Dear Greg House,

I had a friend like Wilson. I didn’t want to push our friendship to its breaking point, but eventually, I did. And I was given a choice. Still, I decided to push it. It was my call, you’d probably say. Yes, it was. So, I lost this friend.

What I’m saying is (although I don’t think you’d even listen given how stubborn you are), don’t let yourself lose him. He has stood up for you in spite of you being an ass majority of the time. He is risking so much for this friendship. And all he wants is just some glimmer of concern from you; something that would tell him you will fight for him, too.

Pain makes us do stupid things. But you are lucky to have people who are willing to help you. People who got your back. Look at Cuddy. Look at the team who stuck by your side even though you are such a jerk, even though sometimes, you can be really mean. At some point, you will want to put an end to your misery. Do everyone a favor: Save yourself. You may be a genius, but you’re being an idiot.

It’s your call.


A sometimes-pain patient


I’m currently on Season 3 of House MD and the episodes are making me sad. I am constantly awed by House and Wilson’s friendship, and it sort of echoes within me. An important memory.

It’s kind of weird that I wrote a letter to a fictional character, isn’t it? I’m that much affected by this TV series.

I think, just like House’s leg, something in me has been crippled. But maybe, just maybe, this too shall pass.

“It’s like your leg; it’s atrophied. Keep working it. The feeling will come back.”—James Wilson, House MD 3×01 “Meaning”


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