Here and Now

My first blog entry for this year, 2013, is nearly 4 months late. I’m not really sure about the protocol but I think that as a blogger, one is supposed to post an entry at least once a month. And I think New Year posts are required. But then again, I don’t really consider myself as a blogger. (I’m thinking writer, of course.)

As a matter of fact, I still have an exam and a laboratory session—both on Operative Dentistry—next week. Something drove me to writing this, however.

I have just finished catching up on How I Met Your Mother Season 8 (and have successfully sent my puppy back to sleep). I then gave myself some Tumblr therapy, then went back to Twitter and saw something that made me think: What if I took the road to Creative Writing? Then I figured, perhaps it’s time for some WordPress again. And so I’m here.


The main reason I haven’t written in a long time is because this semester has me at the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in the entirety of my college life. I don’t know how many times my self-esteem took a punch from everyone and anyone who chose to take a hit. It’s been completely and utterly disheartening, to the point that I really didn’t know what to think. Maybe it’s just the adjustment period because I’m only a beginner, or maybe I’m just not really for this. But I’ve learned a lot. And in the end, I think that’s what really matters. There is no success without learning and no learning without failure.

I want this post to be more meaningful but all my words are raw.

I’m praying that I learn from this, that I would one day look back to this fateful semester and think: that’s what made me go through all of Dentistry. Yes, that How I Met Your Motheresque way of looking back at things.

But all I have is now.

All I have is here.


1 thought on “Here and Now”

  1. […] Nevertheless, it has been a productive summer, I think. I have read, as per usual, and wrote more than usual. There were days when I didn’t want to do anything at all, when I tried to sleep away the boredom or to suppress the panic that rose whenever I thought of going back to school. It isn’t anymore a question of staying now because I want to stay. I want to do this, really. The problem has evolved into this fear of staying in Dentistry. Because if anything, last semester really affected me psychologically. It completely shook me. For one, it showed me that I want to be a dentist; but it also showed me how poor I could be skill-wise. I’ve taken quite a beating as I’ve said in a previous blog entry. […]

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