The Girl Who Swam Against the Current

She likes everything Korean―people, music, etc. Once or twice, when we sat together in a coffee shop, she told me how they’re her favorite people. She actually knows how to write in Hangul. She watches TV shows in her spare time (or even during her not-so-spare time, haha) and reads occasionally. The first letter of her name is K, for Kaye; for Korea.

I love her.

Kaye is the kind of friend who will wake up in the morning despite her need for sleep, comb her hair, put her white uniform and shoes on, and dash into school to ransack her locker for something you need. She will trade her sleep to help you; and mind you, in a university that steals majority of your sleeping hours from you, that is saying something. She is the friend who will listen to you rant about all the negative things in your life, the friend who is guaranteed to laugh at the most random thing you could possibly say. Kaye is the friend who will go with you through thick and thin, talk with you about everything, support you, and even encourage you in your worst days. She is simply there, always.

My earliest memory of Kaye comes from our Math 11 class during our first year. She sat behind me and kept moving her leg, perhaps in agitation or boredom, which is more likely. (I mean, how difficult was it to wrap our heads around factoring? Seriously.) Her leg kept hitting the back of my chair and it irritated me, but I said nothing. I just remember looking at her from time to time. In hindsight, I absolutely had no inkling of how much this person would mean to me. But that’s the thing about the future―we never know what might happen.

She has told me often that I am an inspiration to her, to which I would frown at because I’m nowhere near as inspiring as she is. She inspires me―because I see in her something I would like to be. She is the one who would swim against the current, even if her chances of getting to the edge of the water are small. She will fight, even if the world opposed her. She is the strong one, though she might not know it. And she has been a tremendous source of strength, especially during this last semester. I don’t know what I’d be without her, in all honesty. I owe her my sanity, my loyalty, my friendship.

To my friend, forever―

Through college, through careers and families, through old age,

I will be here for you. Though I will leave the college, I will never leave you. But please allow me to miss you and the rest. 🙂

Thank you: for the solace I find in you, for the moments shared in countless coffee shops, for trusting me with your heart, for sharing with me things you don’t normally share with other people, for listening to me, for everything.

Know that I believe in you; that you can do this; that this is for you. If you need someone to talk to, I am more than available; you know that you will have to talk to me! *nudge nudge wink wink* If you want someone to study with, I’m willing to study with you. (Please share your Pharmacology and Pathology notes. Better yet, please do take down notes! Haha.)

May you be blessed with more years, and may you find joy in everything you do. You are where God wants you to be. I am proud of you; I am very blessed to have you in my life. Happy, happy birthday!

One never gets tired of saying it, though the sentence itself tires easily: I love you…

From the bottom of my heart,

From the middle of my soul.


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