A Gift

There is something about
early hours in the morning,
the sound of teeth grinding in the dark,
and the cold, sweet air of home.

There is something
in the way the years past dangle at the edges of your memory
like the fringes of trees,
or the full bangs of a child,
or swaying feet.

There is something about
the silhouette of your dog:
the soft outline of white fur,
light in the darkness.

There is something,
always something, about family
that this poem can never contain:
perhaps the inevitable connection,
or the comfort of a smile.

There is something about
being loved at your best,
but even more so at your worst
that only family can do.

There is something
in the truth that family does not exist only by blood,
but also in the ties of the heart,
in the solace of tears,
in the shared moment of a laughter.


Happy Christmas, everyone. The greatest gift, for me, is love in every season. The unfailing love of a parent. The faithful love of children. The loyal love of a dog. The unconditional love of God. This Christmas, I hope you know how loved you are but more than that, I hope you also get to say and show how much you love the important people in your life. Have a joyful, lovely Christmas! 🙂  ❤


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