Study Saturday: Blood Sport

We meet again.

In a (quite frankly) desperate effort to resurrect this blog of mine, I have decided to launch a project, aptly named as Study Saturdays. It sounds mundane, I know, but instead of acknowledging my lack of creativity, I’d defend my poor alliteration choice by laying down my reasons for said project:

  • To go back to my old love—writing. I haven’t been writing anything recently because I’ve been swamped with schoolwork and, surprisingly, I’ve been living my life instead of writing about it. Still, I need to get out of this slump.
  • To become more active in this blog. For the longest time, I’ve been saying over and over that I’ll write more entries but I never actually got to doing so. (Me in a nutshell? Haha.)
  • To motivate my lethargic self to start being more productive. The mind is a dangerous place if not navigated correctly, and I’ve been having thoughts about how, at this state I’m in, I won’t be able to survive medical school. And I seriously need to overcome that. I need to exorcise my demons, old and new.
  • To weave something akin to art with my meager, fumbling words. All the science I’ve been studying lately is making nauseous. Don’t get me wrong: I value science, but sometimes a break from it can be beneficial. I just want to clear my head for a little while. My blood runs heavy with all the prose I haven’t been putting into paper.
  • To make lists. I love making lists.

So, for the first Study Saturday

I spent most of the day answering the complete morphological character list for my specimens on my subject Plant Systematics. This exercise allows the systematist to fully describe a certain plant and aid in its identification, thus it falls under the umbrella of taxonomy. Tedious work, especially for the biology student who leans more into zoology on the botany-zoology dichotomy of the current BS Biology curricula. (I’m zoologically-inclined, but then again, I hope to become a doctor. Hello, Homo sapiens.) Tedious for anyone, really. It’s time-consuming and difficult for the uninitiated and untrained (i.e., me). In effect, I haven’t gotten to actually studying anything yet. What a way to start this project, right?

Dianthus caryophyllus L. [Carnation] – one of my specimens, and also my favorite flower.
Went flower-picking with Dad because I needed another specimen. Basically the only fun part about this whole morphological character exercise.

As for the things I do have to study:

  • Genetics: Cytogenetics
  • Histology: Epithelial tissue (read Bloom & Fawcett—again, after all this time—this is a drill for med school!)
  • Physics: (Yes, I have General Physics 2, what is this life) polish on Electric Field & Electric Potential
  • Caculus: review on straight line (because we haven’t gotten around to the Calculus part yet)
  • Plant Systematics: read chapters on Plant Identification and Plant Nomenclature

I swear, sometimes studying is much like blood sport. You get wounded enough that you learn to flee the bullets coming your way.

Either you perish, or you get better. Only the fittest survive.

*Title inspired by Regina Belmonte’s blog entry, Love Is Just A Bloodsport. Also the whole alliteration thing is inspired by her. I just love her writing—so many of her words echo inside the hollows of my ribcage.


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