Troughs and Crests is a product of epiphany and favoritism.

On a Physics 21 class in the University of the Philippines Manila, Sjerlive learned that waves are made of troughs and crests, both which stitch their wavelengths together. She learned that a wavelength will never be complete if a crest was without a trough, and vice versa.

The trough, being the depression in a wave spectrum, symbolizes the downs of life. Only through it do people learn to appreciate the beauty of happiness; its purity and its impact on living itself. It is always the precursor of something good, something wonderful.
The crest, the peak of a wave spectrum; it is the highest of  emotions. Many desire to reach it, but many never do. For to be at the crest is to look downhill at the trough. For to be lifted, one must be low.
Together, they make up the spectrum that we know of as life, and all of its friends.

On a Chemistry 14 class (a favorite of hers) in the aforementioned university, she also heard of troughs and crests. Embedded on the energy profile of chemical reactions; at home there.

And so with an epiphany, she knew it. She had to tell the world of Trough & Crest.


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