Neither Created Nor Destroyed


What’s comforting about the law of conservation of matter is that all that have ever been never really leave us. They will just change into a different state, into a new combination of atoms and molecules: the new thus born from the old.

And it’s not just about having some part of the oldest stars within us.

It’s about knowing that we are still under the same sky, no matter what form we are in. It comforts me to know that your atoms are still part of this world, that you are still here—ready to become something new in time. And someday I will change, too. My atoms then will be ready to join you in the flux.

Until we meet again, Papa. All my love and longing.


The Day The Bird Took Flight

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It happened while I was in the midst of the most mundane of things—I was washing the dishes—when my mother cried for my attention, gesturing to the birdcage, panic plain in her voice. I hurried to find one of the birds on the floor of the cage, shallowly breathing.

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