Seven Cheers


Seven years. It took me seven years to earn a college degree. That’s a full Hogwarts education right there. That’s as long as Carson’s college life and unrequited love for Dio in I’m Drunk, I Love You.

Still. It has been seven years of grace for me. True, it took me a long time compared to my classmates in high school—but, more than anything, these past seven years have been formative. I have learned to look at the bigger picture: that there is a world out there lacking sorely in justice and compassion, but this world is where my true calling lies. To help, to serve.

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Striking: Wounds from Budget Cuts & Lies in "Reformed" Priorities

The University is bleeding, waging wars in the form of walkout and strikes, fighting for real education. Not miseducation. Not private-like education, but premier education that will be given adequate attention by a responsible government.

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