Seven Cheers


Seven years. It took me seven years to earn a college degree. That’s a full Hogwarts education right there. That’s as long as Carson’s college life and unrequited love for Dio in I’m Drunk, I Love You.

Still. It has been seven years of grace for me. True, it took me a long time compared to my classmates in high school—but, more than anything, these past seven years have been formative. I have learned to look at the bigger picture: that there is a world out there lacking sorely in justice and compassion, but this world is where my true calling lies. To help, to serve.

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To the Brave Ones

It started around this time last year, maybe even earlier―how I knew I wasn’t going to stay. When I finally, consciously, acknowledged it, though, I was struck by the gravity of what I was leaving behind: more than the university, more than the sacrifices, more than all the time I have devoted to the course.

I was leaving all of you behind.

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The Girl Who Swam Against the Current

She likes everything Korean―people, music, etc. Once or twice, when we sat together in a coffee shop, she told me how they’re her favorite people. She actually knows how to write in Hangul. She watches TV shows in her spare time (or even during her not-so-spare time, haha) and reads occasionally. The first letter of her name is K, for Kaye; for Korea.

I love her.

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Sometimes, you just want the emotions to unentangle themselves from all the work that needs to be done. That kind wherein you just want to stop feeling in order to get to focus on the more pressing matters. But the thing about these emotions is that they have a tendency to rear their heads out when you’re most stressed out and have a mountain of things to do.

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