Neither Created Nor Destroyed


What’s comforting about the law of conservation of matter is that all that have ever been never really leave us. They will just change into a different state, into a new combination of atoms and molecules: the new thus born from the old.

And it’s not just about having some part of the oldest stars within us.

It’s about knowing that we are still under the same sky, no matter what form we are in. It comforts me to know that your atoms are still part of this world, that you are still here—ready to become something new in time. And someday I will change, too. My atoms then will be ready to join you in the flux.

Until we meet again, Papa. All my love and longing.


For Papa


This is for you, Papa, for when you chose Mama to spend the rest of your life with, no matter how early or how sudden it was for both of you.

This is for you, Papa, for when you chose to leave the warmth and comfort of your home and work abroad, in order to provide for our family.

This is for you, Papa, for when you braved the loneliness in foreign lands yet you worked so hard you impressed so many people.

This is for you, Papa, for when you saw me for the first time—your first and unexpected grandchild—and you called me your angel.

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Red Strings

At 19, you wonder if there is someone out there tied to you at the end of a red string.

No, scratch that. At 19, you wonder if your red string really exists at all. You’ve never really given much thought to it until now when you find yourself in an unexpected break, with so much time in your hands and nothing much to do except sleep, read, watch, eat. And live on a daily basis.

It’s just a myth, you tell yourself. This red string of fate connecting you to the one destined to be the other half of you.

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A Gift

There is something about
early hours in the morning,
the sound of teeth grinding in the dark,
and the cold, sweet air of home.

There is something
in the way the years past dangle at the edges of your memory
like the fringes of trees,
or the full bangs of a child,
or swaying feet.

There is something about
the silhouette of your dog:
the soft outline of white fur,
light in the darkness.

There is something,
always something, about family
that this poem can never contain:
perhaps the inevitable connection,
or the comfort of a smile.

There is something about
being loved at your best,
but even more so at your worst
that only family can do.

There is something
in the truth that family does not exist only by blood,
but also in the ties of the heart,
in the solace of tears,
in the shared moment of a laughter.


Happy Christmas, everyone. The greatest gift, for me, is love in every season. The unfailing love of a parent. The faithful love of children. The loyal love of a dog. The unconditional love of God. This Christmas, I hope you know how loved you are but more than that, I hope you also get to say and show how much you love the important people in your life. Have a joyful, lovely Christmas! 🙂  ❤

CLTCL: A Review on The Immortality of Love

It happened the way serendipity does. I wasn’t looking for it, but I tripped on some chink in the universe and found myself face down, doing an eye-to-eye contact with something marvelous.

Having been freshly prepared straight from chemistry lab, I chewed on what was left of the cheese roll I was having for brunch while perusing the yellowed pages of Amy Tan’s A Hundred Secret Senses. Surrounding me was the homey chatter of my block mates, which was then swirling with post-lab buzz.

Thea called my attention and motioned to her iPod.

I clambered to where she was.

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Day 4: Give Love on Christmas Day (And Beyond)

Missed the 24th of this month for it was a Merry Christmas Eve that dissolved quietly into 25, Christmas Day (Happy birthday, Lord Jesus Christ!). (Also because I watched Coraline Jones punch ass on HBO and gobbled for the extra pound/s, I decided to document the eventfulness later.) Due to such, I am going to consider 24 and 25 as Day 4, since I am usually alive and kicking during the wee hours of the morning.

And my Day 4 is about one of the greatest gifts to be of existence: love. (Special thanks to Lyndon Cruz for making me want to dive into myself and reflect on the subject.)

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